Midwife means “WITH WOMEN”

Text Box: Philosophy
We believe that every individual has the
right to safe, satisfying health care with
respect for human dignity and cultural
variations. The individual has the right to
self-determination, to adequate information 
and to active participation in all aspects of care.

Although our primary focus is on
women of childbearing age, our services
extend to preventative health care of all
women. We focus on the individual's and
family's needs for physical care, emotional 
and social support, and health education.

The purpose of the nurse-midwifery
service is to provide alternative, full-range 
gynecological and obstetrical services to 
healthy women. This care will be humanistic, 
and holistic, family focused and individualized, 
preventative, satisfying and safe. We will strive 
to be a leader in the community and the profession.

We believe pregnancy and childbirth are
healthy normal life events, and that a
woman and her family should be involved
in decisions regarding their health and
well-being. We believe that the role of the
CNM includes educating, listening to,
advising and supporting women and their
families. It is our philosophy that medical
interventions should be used only when
necessary, not routinely. It is our goal to
provide care that is personalized and