Midwife means “WITH WOMEN”

Frosty Romano, CNM

Text Box: Frosty Romano, certified nurse-midwife, has been practicing midwifery since 1990, after graduating from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

For the past seven years, Frosty Romano was employed at MOM in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Frosty is active in the community teaching childbirth classes and passing on her expertise as a certified lactation consultant. She is very proud to be able to bring midwifery services to Jersey Shore Medical Center. She brings more than sixteen years  as a certified midwife.

Frosty is looking forward to taking care of you during your pregnancy.  As your nurse-midwife she will offer you safe, satisfying, individualized and highly personalized care throughout your pregnancy. She will work with you to help ensure the greatest chance of reaching a common goal—a safe and fulfilling birth experience, one that you’ll always remember with great joy, pride and love.

Her caring approach to health care doesn’t end with the arrival of your baby. As a CNM, she’ll deliver life-long gynecological care, beginning with your first pelvic exam, continuing through pregnancy, labor, birth and gynecological services during your menopausal years. She can answer any questions you may have by calling (732) 774—2300.

Certified Nurse—Midwife


Frosty Romano

Phone: 732—774—2300

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